Anblick Photography

Anblick Photography

Anblick is a German noun meaning point of view, aspect, outlook, facet, vision, or glimpse. Anblick Photography is my effort to capture a glimpse of someone or something that we might not see in the motion of life. I'm Karl. I live in Fayette County, Texas with a two dogs, two horses, a mouser, some chickens and a lot of good friends. I'm a paramedic and a volunteer fire fighter. I love fishing, baseball, football, rodeo, good music, dancing, projects around my place… I believe all are better with good company and a cold beverage. It's a good life, and my camera is always close by me.

Welcome to the Anblick Smugmug site. 

Before you view images, know that I upload unedited versions of the photos so you can view them sooner.  Therefore:

**  When you order digital images, I will edit the photos and email them to you. You will also receive the small unedited versions immediately.

**  When you order prints, I will edit the photos before processing.

**  For larger prints, if the gallery does not give you the larger print option you want, then contact me with the filename, and I will edit and upload the larger image for you to order.